HiQi is a recent brand, but it has a long history

Our story began in 2012, under the name G27, when we launched the first independent fleet card in Portugal, designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized carriers.
Available on smartphones, it aimed to ensure the most competitive price in the fleet card market and ensure the best supply conditions.
And as technology has evolved, so have we.
Today, we are working with private customers and companies to introduce them to HiQi, the new fuel payment app that makes the fueling process faster and smarter.

Our values

To succeed, being smart is not enough.
You must have values.

At HiQi, we believe that the sustainability and success of our business depend on what we stand for.
Therefore, we have adopted a culture based on three pillars:

  • Simplicity in the offer, processes and tools of our operations;
  • Proximity in the contact with our customers, so that we can present them the most appropriate solutions;
  • And Transparency, as we believe that the best decisions are made when they occur in an open environment of complete trust.

We also adopted a +Green business model.
That's why we take advantage of existing equipments, we don't use plastic and all our documents are digital.
Because we understand that it is preferable to use less natural resources now than to later try to compensate for the environment.

What we do

Intelligence accompanies us in everything we do.

HiQi is our big bet on the Portuguese market. But it wouldn't be smart if you were the only one.
In addition to the app, these are some of the services we offer our business customers:

  • Sale of energy for road transportation
    We provide energy in facilities owned by third parties, leaving the management of service points to them.
  • VAT recovery
    A service that allows European transporters to recover VAT on fuel supplies made abroad, from the tax authorities of the country where the supplies were made.
  • Professional diesel processing
    The vast majority of European countries discriminate positively on the price of energy for professional use. As a rule, this process is done by returning one of the price components, professional diesel.
  • Tolls in Europe
    Sale of tolls under preferential conditions. Our offer covers the whole of Europe.
  • Fines management
    Abroad, the mandatory payment of fines at the time of the infraction is common. Since the value of some fines can be high, this service pays for the infraction on behalf of the customer, avoiding immobilisation of the vehicle.
  • Professional qualification
    Aimed at drivers, this service was designed so that they can remotely complete the mandatory annual hours of training during legal breaks.
  • Time control (tachographs)
    Support in complying with legal obligations to control and report break times. Service supported by technology that allows remote reading.