Having advantages for individuals and companies is well thought out!

Whether you are a private driver or a company driver, you don't have to think twice when deciding to use HiQi.

In addition to discounts, on the price posted at gas stations, the app gives you access to:

  • Interactive map with built-in GPS, which shows you all the supply points where HiQi is accepted, and the posted price at each location;
    Information about the 4 nearest supply points;
  • 24-hour supplies, with safety and without having to physically access the store.
    The app automatically unlocks the fuel dispenser, so you can fill up and go;
  • Supply management.
    Whenever you fill up, you receive an email with all the information regarding it;
  • Consultation of the supply history;
    Management of daily, weekly and monthly limits per licence plate or driver (you can add and subtract licence plates or drivers at any time);
  • All payment methods at your choice.
    Bank transfers with direct connection to your bank app, MBway, credit cards and debit cards;
  • Easy and intuitive payments.
    After selecting your payment method, the credit for refuelling is immediately available.
  • Prepaid option or credit for business customers.
    a) In the prepaid option, just enter the amount and control the payment in your bank's app or through the available payment methods.
    b) On credit, the app provides a list of invoices for payment and accounts for the amount to be paid, or distributes the amount available to pay invoices, starting with the oldest ones.