What is HiQi


HiQi is a new fuel payment app for those looking to fill up their private or business vehicles in the quickest, smartest and most convenient way.

No physical cash, no queues and always with discounts, with HiQi you can fill up and go on your way, no problem. All you need is a smartphone and your smarts.
Don't worry about the rest. Everything has already been thought out for you.

But if you have a good idea, share it with us. We are always open to suggestions from our customers.

Why HiQi?

A name that is smart in itself.

An app that stands out for being the smart choice when it comes to refuelling, needed a name to clearly state it.
So we put our heads together and came up with this formula: “HIGH” (high) + “QI” (which stands for intelligence quotient in portuguese).
Smart, isn't it?